Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Chasseriau, Sorolla, Modigliani, Comerre, Ingres ...

Chasseriau - Orientalist Interior.

Sorolla - Antes del Bano.

Modigliani - Reclining Nude.

Comerre - Study.

Ingres - Venus Anadiomene.

Simonot - Gamins

Vlastimil Hofman - Alegoria odrodzenia Polski ( found at The King's Art / Polish Painting Masterpieces Vlastimil Hofman)

William Scott - The Bathing Place.

Fernand Sabatte - Un spartiate montre un esclave ivre à ses fils

Ernest Procter - On the Beach.

Igor Panov.

Anna Lea Merrit.

Max Liebermann - Swimming

Lord Frederick Leighton - Sketch

Jules Elie Delauney - The Flute Lesson.

Pierre Bouillon - Enfant et la Fortune.

Willem Hofker - Goesti Madi Toewi (Network Indonesia - Culture - Arts)



The Dancing King said...


I am a big fan of Sorolla yet I have never seen this work of his before! Thanks!


Laurie said...

Please remove my photograph of the Balthus painting taken at the Metropolitan Museum of Art from your webpage.

The photo was taken for personal use, which is within the Met's photography policy. While I am flattered that you like it, I have no desire to be sued in the future for the photo appearing elsewhere on the web, which is why I declined the right to allow others to download various sizes of it.

Please compy with my wishes, as they are from a legal standpoint.


ElissaSCA on Flickr

Anon said...

Dear Laurie,

The Balthus has been removed.

Kindest regards,