Monday, December 28, 2009

Duveneck, Sheeler, Hubbell, Sarnoff, Kaemmerer...

Frank Duveneck (1848 – 1919) - Florentine Flower Girl.

Charles Sheeler - landscape.

Henry Salem Hubbell (1870 – 1949) Rosemary-and-the-Goldfish

Arthur Sarnoff (1912 – 2000)

Arthur Sarnoff (1912 – 2000)

Frederick Hendrik Kaemmerer - The Beach At Scheveningen, Holland

Pierre Joubert

Monday, December 07, 2009


The Saturday Evening Post Magazine - Sep 1945

Saturday Evening Post by kocojim © All rights reserved.

Childhood Dreams

© All rights reserved. Image from homeandheart~BEHIND AGAIN!!! :-(

NY Tribune-Frank O'Salisbury

Frank O'Salisbury. By RedSSR © All rights reserved.

Vue Sur La Baie De Tangiers, 1912, by Henri Matisse oil with pen and ink

Vue Sur La Baie De Tangiers, 1912, by Henri Matisse; oil with pen and ink. By Martin Beek

© All rights reserved. Photo by dapiiiiit

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Eric Gill

Eric Gill, the son of a minister who belonged to a small Protestant sect in England, became a Roman Catholic.

Eric was inspired by the the sexually explicit Hindu temple carvings found in India.

(17 October 2009, The Guardian, Fiona MacCarthy on Eric Gill - 'Mad about sex')

Eric Gill became a sculptor.

Jesus by Eric Gill

Eric Gill's letters and diaries record many extramarital affairs and his incest with his sisters and with his two eldest daughters when they were in their teens.

The sisters "appear to have absorbed the experience, making apparently good and happy marriages, bringing up large families.

"Their history challenges received opinion on the inevitability of damage done by child abuse." ('Mad about sex')

Eric Gill

Eric Gill's adopted son, Gordian, may not have been so lucky.

Gordian was rumoured to be the result of sex between a Catholic priest and a nun.

Gill made sculptures of Gordian.

In one carving 'Foster Father', Gordion "is clasped to the father in an embrace that resembles the male-female conjunction..."

Gill's statue of Prospero and Ariel above the entrance to the BBC's Broadcasting House can be "interpreted as God and the Christ child, Gill and his own beloved son."
('Mad about sex')

Eric Gill - Prospero and Ariel at BBC Broadcasting House.

As an adult, Gordion "drifted from job to job.

"For a time he was a porter at Asprey's in Bond Street.

"He drank heavily and, according to members of the family, periodically stole Gill's work and sold it.

"He was said to have been 'in trouble with the police'.

"When Gill left him just £500 in his will, Gordian's bitterness increased." -
('Mad about sex')
Massacre of the Innocents by Eric Gill

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Francisco Pons Arnau ...

By Marcin Górski © All rights reserved.

Untitled No.14

By Dushan B. Hadnadjev © All rights reserved.

Francisco Pons Arnau 2

Mujer Secandose by Francisco Pons Arnau. Photo by mica12244art

Betelnut Girl Chung Li

Betelnut Girl Chung Li by bignosetw

by dapiiiiit © All rights reserved.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

De Laszlo, Normand, Wichers ...


Bondage by Ernest Normand. Photo by lanthenat © All rights reserved.

Tjisondari in de haven van Tandjong Priok

Tjisondari in de haven van Tandjong Priok (Batavia/Jakarta) 1928 by Hal Wichers. Photo by Artshooter

Photo by dapiiiiit © All rights reserved.


Nude by Philip Alexius de Laszlo. Photo by by lanthenat © All rights reserved.

Son in Taliban territory

Son in Taliban territory, by martien van asseldonk © All rights reserved.

Playthings, by Ernest Normand (


Shade, by art factory © All rights reserved.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flickr Portraits

Peasant Family

Peasant Family by cardboy1 © All rights reserved.


Portrait-87 by Mak'm & Mrs © All rights reserved.

no time for being a child

No time for being a child by jobarracuda © All rights reserved.


Portrait-129 by Mak'm & Mrs © All rights reserved.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marcel-Clément, Gorelov, Polakt Kobiecy ...


Nice, a summer's night on the Promenade des Anglais, by Amédée Marcel-Clément from mica12244art

Lenin and Boys by Gorelov G.N.

Chingy Eyes (DSC 2192E)
Chingy Eyes by Photos by Doralis M © All rights reserved.

Half Moon, Bethnal Green 011980

Half Moon, Bethnal Green by Mak'm & Mrs © All rights reserved.

1900 Polakt Kobiecy

Polakt Kobiecy from mica12244art


Sonnar2507 by yannickmchl © All rights reserved.

Benda Green from mica12244art

by Bud Green © All rights reserved.

by Marcin Górski © All rights reserved.

el pescadero

El Pescadero by l'atelier blanc © All rights reserved.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Chasseriau, Sorolla, Modigliani, Comerre, Ingres ...

Chasseriau - Orientalist Interior.

Sorolla - Antes del Bano.

Modigliani - Reclining Nude.

Comerre - Study.

Ingres - Venus Anadiomene.

Simonot - Gamins

Vlastimil Hofman - Alegoria odrodzenia Polski ( found at The King's Art / Polish Painting Masterpieces Vlastimil Hofman)

William Scott - The Bathing Place.

Fernand Sabatte - Un spartiate montre un esclave ivre à ses fils

Ernest Procter - On the Beach.

Igor Panov.

Anna Lea Merrit.

Max Liebermann - Swimming

Lord Frederick Leighton - Sketch

Jules Elie Delauney - The Flute Lesson.

Pierre Bouillon - Enfant et la Fortune.

Willem Hofker - Goesti Madi Toewi (Network Indonesia - Culture - Arts)